Irene Gianeselli, Nel laboratorio di Bestia da stile: la grammatica della meta-drammaturgia di Pasolini come atto di libertà

Abstract: Between 1965 and 1975 Pasolini works on Bestia da stile, a tragedy in verse which is here considered as a meta-dramaturgical laboratory with its own structured and complex compositional grammar. This laboratory is the ideal space for Pasolini as an author, who, through the anti-allegory of the character Jan, claims his freedom as a civil and intellectual poet as well as questions the effective freedom of anyone who wants to be an intellectual in the society of his time. The tragedy emphasizes the ethical-political reflection that characterizes its structure and form. The analysis of the tragedy in these terms makes use in some passages of the comparison with the manuscripts (Vitt.  Em. 1568 1a; Vitt. Em. 1568 1b)1, from which it emerges that Pasolini tackles not only linguistic problems, but also ethical and political ones regarding the poet’s freedom and his vocation for revolution.

Keywords: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Teatro del Manifesto, Bestia da stile, cinema, meta-dramaturgy.