Gian Luca Picconi, “Dans le tombeau”: Pasolini e Spitzer

Abstract: The meeting with Spitzer was at the base of the formation of Pasolini’s critical method. A method that, as is noted, intersected themes coming from Marxist sociology with other types of stilcritico. Spitzer, in this context, offers to Pasolini the instruments to sift through a series of formal phenomena related to the irrational. Often forged at the esthetic horizon of bourgeois Decadentism with which Pasolini will have to take account for his whole life, the analytical unities offered by Spitzer’s style have the first benefit of allowing one to investigate the social ontology of style itself that, for Pasolini, is a crucial concern, both at the level of personal poetics, and the level of social poetics in the second half of the 1900’s. The relationship with Spitzer therefore has a fertile role in helping Pasolini to frame, at least in a pre-critical way, the aporias of mimesis. Having identified these, Pasolini’s literary ideology will embrace forms, both desultory and meta-literary, in the final phase of his career.
Keywords: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Leo Spitzer, stilcritico, irrazionalità, discorso indiretto libero, umorismo, mimesi.