Daniel Raffini, La via europea della cultura italiana nelle riviste degli Anni Venti e Trenta

Abstract: Starting with the analysis of theoretical and programmatic writings that appeared in active journals in the Twenties and Thirties, this essay analyzes how Italian intellectuals, freeing themselves progressive from a “Italo-centric” brand of nationalism, brought about a renewal of Italian literature based on translation and reception of contemporary European and US authors. In this way a “third path” was created, an alternative to the avantgard negation and to the autarchy of the regime, that reattached itself to the European tradition and to the experiences of modernism and of pure poetry. This model led to the creation of a new idea about national literature, for which translation practice played an essential role. 
Keywords: riviste, modernismo, classicismo, tradizione, canone, Fascismo, traduzioni, ricezione.