Valeria Petrocchi, Un obliato esempio dal panorama traduttivo dell’Italia settecentesca: il caso dell’abate Pedrini e la sua versione italiana del Joseph Andrews di Henry Fielding

Abstract: This paper aims to analyze the case of the Italian version of Joseph Andrews, a work by Giannantonio (Giovanni Antonio) Pedrini, who is also credited with having contributed to the import and dissemination of the literary genre of the novel (Petrocchi, Tipologie 17-27). The essay also aims to highlight how, alongside the new literary tastes circulating in the peninsula, there was a lively editorial ferment in it, particularly attentive to the search for original and innovative works that will also decisively influence the development of our language, especially thanks to translation activity.
Keywords: English-Italian translations, the novel, Giannantonio Pedrini, Henry Fielding, Arcadia, The Republic of Venice