Eloisa Morra, Traduzione e tradizione nella ricezione di Proust in Italia: Croce, Gobetti, Debenedetti

Abstract: The article reconstructs the cultural climate that animates the debate on translation in the early 1920s. Firstly, it examines the differences between the critical positions of Benedetto Croce, Giovanni Gentile, and Piero Gobetti, later analyzing the debate in the context of the Italian reception of Proust. Secondly, the article focuses on Giacomo Debenedetti’s translation practices, underlining the literary mediations as well as the substantial adhesion of his translation model to Gobetti’s profound reflections on the relationship between source text, translation, and literary tradition.
Keywords: Journals from the 1920s, Benedetto Croce, Giovanni Gentile, Piero Gobetti, Giacomo Debenedetti, Proust.