Elgin K. Eckert, “Two Monuments of Fascist Oppression in South Tyrol: One Acknowledged, One (Almost) Forgotten”

Abstract: This article examines the Victory Monument in Bolzano/Bozen and the Alpini Monument in Brunick/Brunico as both lieux de mèmoire and cultural memory. It explores how the cultural memories associated with these monuments differ between the ethnic German-speaking and Italian-speaking populations and how these differences create dissonance. The memories and experiences linked to the monuments, including their cultural and societal meanings over time, are vital aspects of the discourse surrounding them. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge, contextualize, and integrate these memories into broader discussions. By acknowledging the complex and contested histories of these monuments, it is possible to transform them into meaningful spaces that inspire reflection and dialogue across diverse and fragmented identity groups.
Key Words: South Tyrol, Fascism, Victory Monument, Alpini Monument, cultural memory, fascist architecture, ethnic conflict, controversial monuments.