Anna Taglietti, “‘Chi mi chiama fascista non ha letto i miei libri’: Giuseppe Berto e il problema del fascismo”

Abstract: While not denying his participation in fascism, Giuseppe Berto is among the first of intellectuals to problematize this historical and personal phase, also through the literary filter. Themes such as the entity of fascism and the fascist identity are significantly recurring throughout Berto’s entire productive span. The article explores the ideological parableof the writer, as well as the impact of this positioning on literary creation, deepening his a posteriori visions of fascism, in hindsight of the historical events in which he took part; in a perspective that brings together private and public facts, also considering the Italian context in which the texts were published, from the post-war period to the Seventies.
Key Words: fascism, antifascism, fascism, World War Two, military prison, fascist camp, right-wing culture, engagement, disengagement, contestation.